Barcelona NorCal Soccer Club Spring 2016 Raffle Fundraiser

Dear Families and Businesses,

Our Club (a local youth 501c3 non-profit organization) is putting together a Spring 2016 Raffle Fundraiser that will directly support our athletes and help raise money for the increasing costs of facility fees, equipment, tournament fees, insurance, etc. In addition to offsetting the increase in costs that our Club is incurring, this program will also offer a chance for each athlete to lower the overall cost of their 2016/2017 tuition. Every dollar over $200 that an athlete raises by selling additional raffle tickets, will go toward lowering their 2016/2017 tuition.

Here's how the fundraiser works:

We are soliciting prizes to raffle off, with each raffle item having an equal or greater value of $100 . Every team has been asked to donate three items . Whether players join in together and buy a raffle item, or get it donated, it is up to the team/player(s). The more prizes received per team, the more winners there will be!

This is where you come in:

Please join together with your teammates and donate 3 raffle items! All businesses who donate raffle donations will have their name and logo published on our Club's website. We have a large amount of website traffic every day from the Bay Area to Reno. In addition, we will have approximately 110 teams from all over the state registering for our Labor Day Tournament in the next couple of months. This tournament brings approximately 2000 athletes and their families to our local area. By donating to our raffle, these companies will get exposure to these 2000 families who will spend money at their establishments! For more information to share with businesses that may donate, please email the Club.

Fundraiser details:

Every athlete in the Club will receive 20 tickets to sell up front the week after Spring Break. Each ticket will be sold for $10 . The first 20 tickets sold ($200 value) by an individual athlete will go directly to the Club to cover the increasing expenses outlined above. Every dollar raised after the first 20 tickets are sold will go towards lowering that athlete's 2016/2017 tuition. Athletes could potentially pay off their balance for the year and possibly donate any additional funds to a friend or family member's tuition! Athletes can track their progress themselves, or we will post a leader board of some sort to inform the club of the top sellers. We will also post all the raffle items on our website as they come in, so find the raffle items fast! Having great raffle items will make it easier for the athletes to sell their tickets.

The drawing will be held on June 6, 2016 at a Barcelona NorCal Board of Directors meeting. All ticket stubs must be turned into your coach or team manager by June 3, 2016 . If you miss the turn in date, your ticket stubs will not be included in the drawing. All winners will be notified and prizes will be made available for pickup (or arrangements to distribute will be made) within 10 days after the drawing.

We are confident this will be a fun and successful way to accomplish our objective and continue to support our athletes. Barcelona NorCal Soccer Club is the only competitive soccer club currently operating in the Truckee/North Lake Tahoe Region, and we would like to thank you for supporting our Club and our desire to grow the game of soccer in our area.


The Barcelona NorCal Soccer Club, and its Board of Directors


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